Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company offers several personal & business banking services to the communities in Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and surrounding Southeast Louisiana areas. Banking services include checking and savings accounts with online and mobile banking options as well as personal loans, home loans, business loans, and trust and brokerage services.

Carol Hallock

Born and raised in Baton Rouge and graduate of Louisiana State University, Carol loves the unique beauty of her homeland. Widely acclaimed for her loose, painterly strokes in oils, Carol’s work can be found in the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion as well as  private and corporate collections across the country. .

Anne Gaines

Reduction linocut is my joy:  I love to draw and plan, I like order, I enjoy creating with a limited palette, I like the feel of carving the linoleum, and I revel in the shock of adding a new color during the printing process.  I am constantly inspired by birds, trees, flowers, my cat, other animals, and the Scriptures.

Anne Gaines is a Featured Artist with Artists Sunday.  Her work may be found at the Downtown Art Gallery in Brenham TX, and the Texas Artisan Gallery in Chappell Hill TX.

Chrissy Doolen

Every piece is imagined and hand fabricated. I truly believe my objects should be fun, funky, and artful. I am a metal, resin, and PMC artist, as well as a photographer, and mixed media artist.  I must create every day!

Scotty Jones

When I was nine my grandmother taught me to sew on a singer 27K Sphinx model. It had been her mother's sewing machine and was originally a treadle machine. Grandma had the "electric kit" put on the machine in the 1930s. It was a beautiful mysterious machine. This began my love of all things vintage and an appreciation for fine craft.

Craig Routh

Craig Routh began his professional career as an artist in 1977 at age 17 and has won numerous awards for his artwork. He grew up with a great appreciation for fine art, influenced by his father, Stan Routh, an architect/artist, and his mother who is an interior designer. Craig has exhibited in many of the finest art events in the country including Walt Disneyworld's "Festival of the Masters". His watercolors of people, animals, and landscapes are included in private and corporate collections throughout the United States and other countries.

The goal of the association is to raise awareness of the businesses that operate in Covington – as well as the shopping, dining and entertainment options that abound here – positioning our city as the economic and cultural hub of our region. We also strive to be a catalyst for cooperation between the City of Covington and all of our member businesses.

Cindy Aune

I have been an artist all my life, however, I did not realize it until 2010. I have always enjoyed painting, building, and creating. Turns out that makes an artist.

My work is acrylic mixed media, textured, usually large scale, and vibrant. My imagination seems to create only colorful big abstracted forms with limited detail. Subjects are a combination of whimsy and reality, or as my friend described, "whimsical with a dark underbelly".  I often experiment with unconventional tools, my fingers and paper towels applying pigments and making marks in a loose fluid style. 

My work invites the viewer to look beneath the surface, seeking the underlying tones, texture and shapes

David Mayhew

Born in the UK David Mayhew initially studied for a Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Design. His sense of adventure took him on a 19 months exploration in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Hawaii and hitch-hiking across Canada. It wasn’t until David moved to Turin, Italy working for Fiat Auto that the advent of digital photography first caught his eye. In 2003 David decided to bail out of the 9 to 5 environment and delve head first into photography, taking on studies in photography at the College of DuPage where he also joined forces with their meteorology program.

Pat & Andre Juneau

Pat and Andre Juneau are a father-son artist team who work in aluminum to create bright, folk art sculptures and furniture from their workshop in Scott, Louisiana. Pat is a master craftsman who has been working in metal for over forty years and is now joined by his son to create fantastical metal art. 

Donna Guidry

Designer, actress, and fashion model Donna Guidry created custom jewelry for 25 years. Louisiana born, her French background always influences her designs. Donna’s newest collection of “hipster” bags are edgy with feminine characteristics. Each bag is created and hand fabricated by Donna from beginning to end and is a true “one of a kind”.

Ghada Henagan

What I love about working with clay are its endless possibilities that keep me enthusiastic and drive me to constantly broaden my horizons. I am forever fascinated by how a humble ball of clay can be transmuted into a beautiful and functional object that organically integrates our daily lives.  


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Ana Andricain

I discovered my passion for creating jewelry while appearing in the Broadway Company of Beauty and the Beast.  I had several breaks during the show and loved to run back to my dressing room and come up with new design ideas.  Most of my pieces were made right in the dressing room.  I was commissioned to create jewelry for several Broadway opening nights and the Tony Awards and my "accidental” business grew from there

Royal Miree

Sculptures are independent creations of how I express a situation, an idea or event.  Materials, shapes and compositions are chosen to give form and a feeling to that inspiring idea behind each sculpture.  The attempt is to focus on one or two structural elements to define an overall form.  

Kalle Siekkinen

Self-taught New Orleans artist Kallé was born and raised in Louisiana. He paints on unique recycled materials and found objects. The artwork he creates using house paint and wood stain speaks to his creative ability.

Keith Andry

Born in Thibodaux, Louisiana, I basically have been painting all of my life, selling my first painting at age six. Watercolor is my favorite medium. Being less “forgiving”, it presents that special challenge that keeps me always wanting to create more. While my paintings cover many subjects from whimsical farm animals to South Louisiana landscapes, to Italian scenes, the approach and technique
are consistent. Focusing on strong design and color, it gives me a great sense of accomplishment to see the blank paper come to life with a “painterly” style that I believe makes my watercolors so unique.

Paulette Lizano

Paulette, utilizes her architectural degree, combined with an innate artistic talent, to bring contemporary visions to the studio. Paulette�s eye for space and color has been an asset to assist designers, contractors and homebuilders. Besides the traditional stained glass techniques, the artists work with "warm" glass in the form of fusing and slumping in glass kilns.

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Daniel Evans

Wheel - thrown handbuilt stoneware with multiple layers of glaze and slip trailing. I have fun making!

Kerry Leasure

Kerry Leasure works with antique, found object and ephemera in a combination of assemblage, resin and collage techniques, dwelling on the meaning of the objects, to create a cohesive storyteller piece.

Get to know us

Lorrie Drennan

I paint thick, rich oil paintings of familiar scenes created to spark a fond memory or elicit an emotional connection from the viewer. I feel that my work reflects my life and is filled with light, happiness, and movement. I love to travel and spicy bits from places such as New Orleans, Hawaii, and Italy always find their way into my work, as does the beauty of our natural, everyday world.

Nurhan Gokturk

Nurhan Gokturk is a multidisciplinary artist and urban designer. Born in Istanbul, Turkey, Nurhan immigrated to New York City and was educated in the public school system. His projects have been featured at the Venice Biennale, Aqua Art Fair, Art on Paper, Contemporary Art's Center New Orleans, Jonathan Ferrara  Gallery, Governor’s Island Art Center (NYC), The New Institute in Rotterdam, and the Onsite Gallery in Toronto. 

Michael Terra

We are Michael (the Mud Poet) and Victoria (the Logistics Goddess) Terra. We've been selling Michael's ceramic art for 20 years. We live in the Lower Town Arts District in Paducah, KY. Next time you're in town come on by for a visit!

Michael is a poet and sculptor who works in stoneware.  About 20 years ago he found his love for the combination of words and clay. A business was born and we've never looked back.

Founded in 1925, Winn-Dixie grocery stores, liquor stores and in-store pharmacies serve communities throughout five southeastern states - Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana and Mississippi. Winn-Dixie Stores, Inc. is a subsidiary of Southeastern Grocers, which is one of the largest supermarket chains based in the Southeast. 

Marge Luttrell

Marge, is an encaustic mixed media artist, who hails from Knoxville, Tennessee. She received her Masters in Art from the University of Tennessee and is a Fulbright Scholar. Along with exhibiting her work throughout the country and winning many awards, she is also an encaustic workshop teacher at Penland School of Crafts, Arrowmont, Touchstone, and many others throughout the U.S. and Europe.

Laura Teague

Hi, there!
​I am Laura Teague and I have been making jewelry for  about 20 years. I live and work in south Louisiana, my adopted home state. (I am originally from Arkansas.)

I have always enjoyed making things with my hands and discovering new crafts (thanks, mom!). After a long career in speech pathology, I pivoted my life toward making jewelry.

Rocky Broome

The porcelain clay pieces are individually thrown, painted, and fired to 2250 in an electric kiln. There will be slight variations in size, shape, and color; this makes handcrafted pottery unique. Glazes are always lead-free and the ware is safe for the microwave, oven, and dishwasher.  Avoid sudden changes in temperature like a refrigerator to oven and direct flame. 

Joey Blazek

My work is a product of what I have lived and learned the past 60 or so years. I consider myself primarily a regional painter of the Coastal South. I focus on its abundant wildlife and its coexistence with the Gulf Coast’s industrial, maritime and agricultural landscape. I also frequently include some urban pieces like street scenes of New Orleans or other southern coastal cities and towns.

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St. Tammany


St. Helena


Loveday Funk

Louisiana based artist, started her career in art later in life, but her love of history and whimsy have been a constant interest.  Making use of a talent for the manipulation of digital images, she creates a twisted fairy tale world, finding her inspiration in the centuries old buildings and graveyards of New Orleans and the unique sites that dot the Acadiana landscape. 

Caroline Zama

I grew up in Lake Charles, Louisiana, and moved with my family to Louisville in 2005. My passion for ceramics began in college over 25 years ago. My pottery reflects inspiration by nature and everyday life. Each piece is given texture to convey a story full of color & whimsy...

Helene Fielder

After three decades working with clay, I'm still excited when the kiln lid opens. The clay experiment is still in progress. From the concept on paper, construction and glaze testing. I never stop learning and discovering the diversity of this media. Ceramics is still a pathway to innovation, without forgetting it's value in centuries of tradition. 

Get to know us

Summer Lydick

An unapologetic sensualist, Summer believes in self-expression, big ideas, hearty laughter, and a healthy glass of wine. Early mornings are spent on her yoga mat, before a new day of painting in her home studio. Summer draws inspiration from her daily life which is filled with fresh flowers, tropical plants, bright colors and patterns, photos of her travels, long walks with her dog, and a variety of music.

Lauren deSerres

Lauren uses the imagery of nature and animals to create stories addressing societal and environmental issues. Her work explores how these issues intersect with the human narrative. She uses bright, saturated colors made with layers of acrylic paint, pastel, collage, and ink.

Using images of animals and medicinal plants, Lauren weaves a story of awakening and rebirth, reflective of her own experience as a woman and an artist in the modern world. Lauren's technique consists of many layers, helping the viewer to look closely at the work, gradually unveiling hidden nuances and details, both in technique and in the stories she creates. 

Lauren's studio is based in Pittsboro, North Carolina. 

Marianne Kalinoski

Art of Two Sisters is the fruition of a shared dream of sisters growing up in New Orleans, LA surrounded by endless culture & heritage. New Orleans is one of those special places where growing up it was impossible to ignore our creative passion. Our dream was to share an artistic venture together. It took nearly 40 years for life to allow for this endeavor but we have achieved our goal! We are pleased to see the next generation following their own creative passions & we proudly welcome them to our family business.