Covington Three Rivers Art Festival Virtual Show November 14, 2020, from 10:00 - 4:00 on our Facebook page. 

Since 1997, the Three Rivers Art Festival has bombarded the streets of downtown Covington, Louisiana, with fun, music, color, and, most importantly, art. It has grown from 49 to 200 exhibiting artists. The festival attracts a sophisticated buying public and a juried group of artists and fine craftsmen, with upwards of 60,000 visitors attending each year. (Due to Covid-19 restrictions we were forced to do a virtual show) Please tune in! 

Our Mission

"The purpose of the Covington Three Rivers Art Festival is to expand and enhance the reputation of St. Tammany Parish as an arts-oriented community and mecca for artists and art lovers to serve as an attraction for cultural tourists to St. Tammany Parish; to support artists in St. Tammany Parish and outside of St. Tammany Parish, and to support art education for students living in St. Tammany Parish or attending a St. Tammany Parish school."

Poster Artist 

Gretchen Armbruster

Gretchen is a south Louisiana artist working in oils, watercolor, and pencil mediums. Early studies were under the direction of Robert Rosbach, David Jinks, and Alan Flattman. After majoring in art at Louisiana State University, she continued her art education at John McCrady art college and New Orleans Art Institute. Her Landscapes, nudes, and still life oil paintings are found in galleries across the country. She captures the colorful area that she grew up in through depictions of carnival, jazz, and local personalities and is a highly sought after portrait artist.

2020 Poster 

This year was hard on us all; many artists, musicians, and events have had to shutter their doors and walk away from their livelihood. 

We wanted something that would signify peace, love, and happiness. We had a feeling that our festival would be virtual due to the number of people that attend. Gretchen was kind enough to paint our 2020 poster, sell it, and donate the proceeds. She truly is as kind as she is talented; if you have an opportunity to stop over and take a look at her gallery, you won't be sorry. 

Sarada Bonnett - Event Coordinator 

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